Monday, December 15, 2008

minus 40 helpin a friend move

yesterday helped randy move, minus 40 with wind chill, i hate Winnipeg winters. cold hands cold feet, think I'll start doubling up my socks now, get rid of the old man socks with holes and flat pancake SK8 shoes that i had since the summer. here is a photo of what randy had to leave behind during his move, due to cold weather and and well Mo(his cat) ripped up his only couches. so we just threw out back. everyone help yourselves!

p.s randy i want my my pumkin scone.

Ex-girlfriends show DEC5/08 was kinda different, lack of anyone in the bands knowing whos playing with who and how to start a show. here's a photo just before the show, i like this photo the most. i only took a few shots that night with the F5,. i still haven't done anything with the images from the D700 yet. i well get to that soon. hopefully this week

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