Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 and feeling fine!

its been a while once again since i posted and a little late on happy new years! as the saying goes 2009 and feeling fine, or that was the saying new years night at the Albert,.

DEC24/08 my trip to dauphin to visit my parents started rad but unfortunately for me and carol 10 miles away from neepawa and 2 hours from dauphin yet, my truck breaks down,....good news Cory left the same time we did so jumped into his car and everything else was good.

DEC25/08 Xmas was spent the whole day with my dad on the highway trying to fix my truck, ended up getting it going after 9hours or blah blah blah.. don't get me wrong it was awesome to kick it with my dad in -35 weather outside with lots of coffee and pepperoni sticks .

DEC31/08 new years! kick it off with randy, chilled at the Albert. all in all a good night.

happy new year.

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